Solomon // eighteen months.

March 15, 2017

This post is a crazy one for me to write. Something about 18 months old is a big deal for me. He's such a big boy now and he changes more every single day. I see so much sweetness in him. He is full of adventure and rarely afraid of something. I can't wait to see how he continues to change and learn in the months ahead. He is definitely our biggest adventure, and I can't imagine our life without him. It has been eighteen months of blessings with this boy, and I pray that he continues to grow and loves the Lord with his whole heart one day.

I think this post is a perfect spot to end the monthly posts for Solomon... a year and a half of details kept in this special space, that is a lot. Of course his cute little face won't disappear, he is my favorite person to photograph and talk about, after all!

  • grew a lot!!! All of his pants that fit last month are now too short. He just looks more like a little boy every day.
  • slept a total of 5 hours for the first time!!!! Incredible! We also started some gentle sleep training on March 1st. I kept putting it off for several reasons but finally tackled the tast after his last molar came in. I could tell he was ready for it, and I was ready to night wean and not nurse him all night long, which was still very common. After a week he was sleeping through the night several times but there are still hard nights when he wants to be held a lot. Even then he isn't trying to nurse, so we just cuddle a lot, on those harder nights. 
  • since the night weaning, he has been nursing a LOT MORE during the day, but I don't mind that one bit! 
  • he loves his trainset so much. He puts it together constantly and says choo-choo while moving the train around. It's really cute! 
  • talking a lot and saying cute things like "let's go" & also learning shapes with his toys and repeating them. 
  • loves brushing his teeth, even more than bathtime now. He begs to get out of the tub and use his toothbrush and also begs anytime we walk by his bathroom. 
sweetest boy alive, momma loves you so much!!! 

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