weekend in Asheville.

November 22, 2016

I had a fun weekend in Asheville with my Mom, Grandma & Solomon, for the shopping weekend away! It's a nice tradition that we started several years back with my grandma, and its even more fun now that we have Solomon to tag along with us. Last year was super easy since he was only 2 months old, but I was a little worried about having a crazy toddler with us this year. As always, he surprised me with his sweet disposition. He is the perfect mix of a fun crazy kid and easy going. There were a hand full of tantrums, but he is fourteen months old now... it's to be expected! 

We went straight to our hotel, the brand new Hilton Garden Inn, in downtown Asheville so we could stretch our legs a bit and get something to eat. I was so excited to try the rooftop bar, Pillar, and we were pleasantly surprised. The drinks were incredible, the food was so good and the service was awesome. They even went to the restaurant downstairs to get a highchair for Solomon, which I thought was so nice. 

Mmmm, they had me at Cocktail. I tried the Old North and loved it!!

that cheesy grin that Solomon loves to flash, lately... so funny! 

Even though it was extremely cold, Solomon had to get some of the jitters out while we shopped and enjoyed exploring the flower beds. I tried my best to keep him out but after a lot of tears, I decided he wouldn't hurt anything and let him have some fun! 

The hotel was decorated for Christmas already and it was so beautiful!
Solomon also loved to run around the lobby to say hi to everyone. This picture of him running to his Gigi is one of my favorites... I love to watch them together!

So many fun memories, and I'm so thankful that we get to take my grandma away for a little trip every year. Solomon definitely makes it a little bit sweeter now, as well!
Sadly, the only picture we got of everyone... me nursing in the back seat (so comfortable, ha!) and mom driving the car home. Love it, and I love them, too!

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