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November 30, 2016

If you know me at all, you know my love of mexican food, tequila and pretty much anything that can go on a tortilla chip. While we were in Asheville a few weeks a go, we found this heavenly place, while we were shopping. It was a LOT colder than we were expecting and after one shop and a very windy walk to the next, we decided to get lunch instead! Chips and salsa for the win. Always! 

Inside The Cantina was beautiful and eclectic, like most things in Asheville. It's one of those restaurants that you want to try over and over so you can taste everything on the menu, but then you never change your mind because the first thing you eat is too good to pass again. I got the pork enchiladas with a creamy cilantro sauce that was the perfect amount of spicy. It will definitely be hard to pass up that meal ne We also got the cheese dip which came with chips and two kinds of salsas. The verde was my favorite, which is normally the case. Spicy tomatilla gets me every time, just like a spicy margarita, which was also delicious. 

All the sides sounded great but the coconut rice (rice cooked in coconut milk and sauteed veggies) was so good!! The brussel sprouts were also cooked to perfection. Mmm, I always hate doing these posts when I can't drive to the location to enjoy a meal and a drink again. We will be going back to Asheville in the spring (if not before then) and this spot is definitely on the list. I'm dying for Peter to try it!! 

If you are in Asheville, definitley give The Cantina a try, you will not be disappointed!! Promise!

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