Turkey day littles

November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend was full of family fun and way too much pie. I may still be eating pie multiple times a day, ya know... trying to get rid of all the leftovers. Chocolate pecan pie is always the best leftovers in my opinion! I realized that I haven't had a little things post recently, so here are a few of the little things that I want to remember about Turkey Day!

squeezing in two big meals with both sides of our family and still being super thankful for my breast feeding appetite, no stretchy pants needed this year // watching Solomon dance to the music on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with my mom, I love passing on traditions during the holidays // almost crying because your baby is eating all his food with his own fork, how is he so big????? // watching my cousins 10 year old playing with my 1 year old, and realizing just how quickly ten years can fly by

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