Solomon // fourteen months.

November 21, 2016

Solomon turned 14 months old on the 14th, so I'm a little late again... but like last time, better late than never! He has changed so much during the last month! I see so much toddler coming out in him, and the baby disappearing before my eyes, which kind of breaks my heart. At the same time, he is becoming more fun every day. I love watching his big personality grow!!

  • Running around like a true toddler!
  • Hates the sun in his eyes while in the car, he screams and yells like someone is pinching him.
  • Officially enjoying his weekly visits to the nursery at church for my bible study and on Sunday while we worship! I can't tell you how happy this makes me after many months of leaving him while he's crying. He always stopped after I was out of sight (I would stay and peek in at him) but now he goes into the class with no tears and is always happy when we pick him up. 
  • Talking so much!!! It's crazy how his babbling is starting to change to words. He has started to say cheese, please (those two are a bit confusing sometimes since they sound so similar), this, Gigi, uh oh and he's even saying several little things randomly like, "Here you go" when he gives you something. Its all mummbly but it is so obvious that's what he's saying, it's so cute!
  • He can also point at many body parts now: hair, eyes, ears, nose (he sniffs), tongue (sticks it out), mouth (opens it big and wide), lips (pokes them out like a kiss), belly, hands (he claps them) and his feet!
  • Unfortunately, he has started biting or trying to bite when he's mad. If I'm correcting him with my hand he will open his mouth and go for a bite. He also gets mad at his toys and bites them... we are working on it and trying to figure out the best way to discipline at this tricky age. Any recommendations are welcome!!

the curls, everyone loves them!

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