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November 4, 2016

Being back home this week has been nice since we are back in our routine and I've been able to get some housework done! Packing away the Halloween, adding in some fall touches, trying to play with my sweet boy and getting so excited to have his daddy home later today! All wonderful things in my book. Hope you have a weekend full of wonderful, too! 

My mom surprised Solomon by putting together his tricycle, and it was clearly, the best thing ever! Look at that face.... a perfect welcome home surprise! (Thanks Auntie Mimi for the great birthday gift!)

Once again, spoiled by Gigi... a new tunnel toy to play in at her house!! He was so excited!

After a week away, and sleeping in a big bed for naps and at night, he had to get used to the crib again! I love this picture, he was so tired and happy to sleep after I rocked him and nursed him, but his little hand holding on to the side is so funny. He eventually rolled over and let go and slept three hours in his crib!

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