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November 24, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!! I thought it was about time for a new taking stock post, and then I realized that I had a special thanksgiving list last year, so why not make this a little tradition?!? I do love traditions..... so, here we go! 

Making // that yummy dark chocolate pecan pie for the first time!
Cooking // mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts, I finally gave up trying to make the Mac n' Cheese!
Drinking // cold mountain, one of the best winter beers, but I have to say... I think Sierra Nevada outdid Highlands this year with their celebration ale!
Reading // so many baby books lately, he is obsessed, especially with this book!
Wanting // to stay healthy all winter.... please, Jesus! 
Looking // forward to stuffing my face with delicious food all day!
Wasting // naptimes, I realized yesterday that I could get a SO MUCH done while Solomon sleeps. My procrastination is such an annoying trait. 
Wishing // my hands weren't so dry, any recommendations on the best hand cream?
Enjoying // living this season of life with all my friends, it is such a huge blessing to be a mother with them.
Liking // how long the fall leaves have stuck around this year... so many trees are still full of red and yellow leaves.
Wondering // how quickly I will watch The Gilmore Girls. It's literally all I've been thinking about for days........ I'm so excited!
Loving // the early Black Friday sale on Burts Bees Baby! Love their products so much.
Hoping // Solomon's molars come in quickly, this week has been a little bit rough, and I think that is the reason.
Marveling // at how quickly my baby has turned into a little boy. CRAZY FAST.
Needing // what I want for my Eliya Secret Santa gift.... I can't decide this year.
Smelling // this amazing winter edition, Mrs. Meyer's, hand soap!
Wearing // comfy winter clothes now that it is finally cold. Makes me so happy!!
Knowing // how crazy the next four weeks are going to be, it makes me tired, but also really excited.
Thinking // about how our family will look next year at this time... having another baby is such a BIG deal (obviously, duh!) and I'm constantly back and forth in my mind about being ready. I know God will give me the okay when the time is right, until then I will keep praying and thinking and dreaming. 
Bookmarking // Amazon for gift ideas. Prime is the best thing ever.
Opening // boxes of Christmas decorations, I don't know who I am anymore. 
Giggling // at how excited Solomon gets to see the Christmas tree! He runs into the dining room and exclaims, "teeeee", which is obviously his way of saying "tree". I could melt. 
Feeling // beyond thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

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