Giovanni turns one.

November 17, 2016

Over the weekend we went to Charlotte to celebrate my nephew's first birthday! It was a fun day with family, lots of food & desserts. Giovanni had such a great time. It is always fun to watch him since he is such a happy boy and loves being around all his cousins. Listening to him and Solomon try and talk to each other was pretty adorable. I can't help but think about what these parties will look like in five to ten years when our boys aren't babies anymore. They will be big boys and our parties will definitely look different, which only makes me want to soak in all these little details while we can. I still can't believe the last year has flown by so quickly!

All of the gold details were so cute for the party! I would love to do a baby shower with all these decorations, also. As always, I loved making a chalkboard for the birthday boy!!

You know how we all love our photobooth pictures, we had a lot of fun with the jeep and the masks!

Valentino's face in this picture is priceless.... so cute!!

Our cute little monkey! 
& that sweet smile on his face below, goodness.... we love him!

Birthday boy enjoying his cake, or having fun with his hammer? haha!

All the boys were so excited to help open the gifts!

Ready for the ride home in his pajamas!! He also went crazy over Jaden's slippers. They were so big but he had no problem running around the house in them. 

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