Taking Stock 008

November 25, 2015

Happy almost Thanksgiving people!!!
I thought it would be fun to share a Taking Stock post before the holiday season is in full swing because they are fun and I enjoy looking back at these!
Things are busy around here and we are gearing up for Turkey Day tomorrow & all the fun filled days that follow until New Years, so... here's how things are going lately.

Making // time to clean.... always cleaning
Cooking // mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving this year
Drinking // coffee, hubby makes the best coffee
Reading // my Christmas shopping list for the day after Thanksgiving
Wanting // to soak in every moment of this holiday season with our first baby
Looking // forward to meeting my latest nephew tomorrow
Wasting // groceries, fresh produce always goes bad before I can finish them
Wishing // i could sit and watch the parade tomorrow morning but we will be on the road
Enjoying // the voice a lot this season, so many amazing singers
Liking // the cold weather 
Wondering // which stretchy pants I will wear for tomorrows feast
Loving //  our family Christmas card this year
Hoping // for safe travels for this years thanksgiving
Marveling // about God becoming man for my sins, this season is so special
Needing //  to find the perfect stocking for Solomon, I think this one wins
Smelling // yummy fall candles
Wearing // comfy pjs and fuzzy slippers
Following // a schedule is not so easy these days
Noticing // how wrong I was with my motherhood plans, it's honestly pretty funny
Knowing // the days seem long but the weeks are short, so bittersweet
Thinking // that we will want to host Thanksgiving one year soon
Bookmarking // the crate & barrel catalog for Christmas decorating inspiration
Opening // the attic for Christmas decorations sooooo soon
Giggling // at the way Solomon talks back to Peter, it is so obvious he loves him so much
Feeling // thankful

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!!! 

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