weekly three.

December 2, 2016

I missed my first weekly three for this entire year last week.... I blame the holiday weekend of course. It felt like a string of Saturdays for several days, oops! This week has been a productive post holiday week. The first week of December always makes me happy but I am giddy this year. I guess the excitement of experiencing the season through Solomon's sweet little toddler eyes makes it more fun! Next week will be a BUSY week, as my mom and I prepare for our annual ornament exchange party, Christmas season is here!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend full of holiday fun!

Solomon loved watching the chickens visit us on our front porch this! Those crazy chicks have found a way out of the run several times this week and they always come straight to the porch to say hi. So funny (and slightly annoying, ha)!!

We enjoyed having last minute lunch plans with Gigi on Thursday! Also, the way this boy insists on eating his food by himself with a spoon is KILLING ME. Please stop growing up!

Finishing the Christmas decorations around the house today! I love finding a new spot for everything each year... 

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