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June 1, 2016

Happy first day of June. How is that even possible.... it is creepy how fast this year has flown by! I really shouldn't be surprised with how busy we have been, but it still amazes me. This summer is going to be so full and fun, I can't wait!! 

photos back from our Chicago trip that I never shared here but love so much!

Making // baby food, a favorite right now is peas and carrots! weird kid.
Cooking // nothing this week... we have something every night this week so thankfully I haven't needed to think about dinners.
Drinking // hot tea at night once Solomon is sleeping in his crib, love it.
Reading // this book for a summer bible study with some women from church.

Wanting // another cuban sandwich from Bacon Brothers! Excited to have one on tomorrw night!!!
Looking // forward to our first family beach trip at the end of this month!
Wasting // nap times, I should clean but I always chose resting since our very mobile boy makes me tired.
Wishing // I could eat ice cream every day!
Enjoying // the fact that breast feeding still helps with that whole weight gain thing! Give me more ice cream!!! ;)
Liking // how sore my butt and thighs are this morning thanks to this workout!

Wondering // when Solomon will sleep through the night....1, 3, 8, this diagram made me feel thankful I'm not the only one but also made me feel even more tired.
Loving // weekends so much lately.
Hoping // for a date day with Peter soon.... hint hint, hubby! 
Marveling // at how fast this year has flown by!
Needing // vacation! So ready to head to the beach in June.
Smelling // this candle. Oh my gaaaah, finally lighting it after just sniffing it for months. It is the best smell ever.
Wearing // the amazing legging jeans from Gap Factory. I have 5 different pair and still want more!
Knowing // this season of our family is one we will always remember!
Thinking // about being pregnant again so much lately, I know it's not time yet but I can't help but want it so badly.
Bookmarking // Ephesians, we are finishing the series at church this Sunday and I've enjoyed it so much.
Opening // my phone so easily now that I have my new iPhone 6s plus and can use my thumb print!!! love that feature!
Giggling // at the crazy dreams Solomon had last night and wish I could understand all that he was saying. He was talking non stop, it was so funny and slightly creepy.
Feeling // happy!!!

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