our first #eliyafamvacay.

June 28, 2016

I was so excited to go on our first family vacation together as a family of three. We have been on so many trips, but this was the first trip alone, and the first without Peter having to work all day. A true vacation!! Some sweet family friends of ours let us use their gorgeous condo in Myrtle Beach and we loved it! The condo was gorgeous and it was nice to relax and just be away from Greenville for a bit. 

We went to show Solomon the ocean on our first night of vacation and he wasn't too excited... but, the next day was a different story! He is such a water baby and loved the sand. I've never seen a baby crawling toward the ocean into the waves before, but this guy wanted to surf the waves already. 

We were lucky to have some friends at the beach also and got to spend a couple of days hanging out with the Ayer crew! Wyatt and Solomon were so cute playing together!!

I think the best part of vacation was spending time with daddy all day! This guy is pretty attached to his favorite man and he loved getting cuddles and playing with him anytime he wanted. Yesterday was a little rough without him at home with us... I love how much he loves his daddy! 
I also tried to use my spare time at the beach wisely and work on my bible study but it wasn't easy... I'm so behind and need to catch up. Nursing a baby and reading doesn't work very well, ha!

I love this picture so much!! The way he is smiling at me, his happiness from being in the water and creating new memories as a family. So much sweetness!!! 

We learned that eating outside is the best idea. Solomon loves to watch people, birds and enjoy his meal in the outdoors... sitting inside to eat just isn't as much fun for him. Which means we don't really have a chance to enjoy our meal, either. So, outside dining, a win-win for us!

The tickle spider attacking... his favorite thing lately!
More fun from our vacation, but with Gigi and Ma-ma coming soon.

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