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June 17, 2016

This week has been a hot one but it has been so good! We have stayed in the AC for the most part but Solomon's excitement about going outside is hard to ignore, he gets sooooo excited. Thankfully Peter is all about taking him out in the back yard while I finish dinner inside, and then we enjoyed walks at night once it's cooled down. It's a nice little tradition we have going. We are heading to the beach next week and I'm excited to get everything planned and packed while also celebrating Father's Day this weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend and happy daddy day to all you dada's out there! 

So glad to have an amazing study with some incredible women this summer! I'm so excited that I have been craving His word and actively talking to Him again. Such sweet moments lately!!

Enjoying salads and a lot of water this week to try and help with the heat. Working out and drinking my shakes for lunch are helping, too!! Trying on my swim suits this week was actually empowering. One thing that I love about motherhood is the little ways it makes me feel beautiful and strong, even when I think I might feel vulnerable. It's a nice surprise! 

Some sweet words that describe my hunk of a man that I get to call husband. He is so many things; silly, humble, kind, sexy, nerdy.... So thankful to call him mine. Watching him become a father this year has been incredible! 

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