Goals // 10.15

October 1, 2015

That time again..... I can't believe the month i was waiting for has already passed us by!
I am so excited for the month of October though!!!

September Update
1// Welcome our sweet baby boy!!!!!!!! - YUP! We definitely welcomed him and you can read the full story HERE & HERE
2// Rest and enjoy him as much as possible. - I'm trying my best to nap when he naps but nights can still be a little tough.... but, we are learning and getting through it together. So thankful for a helpful husband that takes shifts with me at night!
3// Celebrate our Two Year Anniversary! - I can't believe we are already on year three! We may not have had a super fun trip like last year but we did get a baby boy, so that is pretty awesome! We did end up spending our anniversary in the hospital but at least we were all together and Solomon is back to normal now. Happy and healthy!
We are planning a date night later this week to celebrate two years!

October Goals
1// Start a morning quiet time routine while Solomon naps
2// Figure out a sleeping/feeding schedule that works well for our family
3// Make a new wreath for the front door for the Fall season
4// Workout at least 3 days a week

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