a sick baby and thankfulness.

September 29, 2015

As most of you have heard, we've been in the hospital for a little while with our baby boy. We are so thankful for all the love and concern and prayers that you have sent our way. I'm so happy that our happy and chill little man is back. 

I'm starting to realize that the "mother's intuition" is a real thing. I knew something was wrong on Sunday morning when he didn't want to swing while we ate our breakfast. That has become a part of our routine after he eats his breakfast and has his morning diaper change so it took me by surprise when I couldn't finish eating with Peter. The rest of the day was full of a fussy baby which is very uncommon. I wasn't sure if maybe his true personality was coming through or if something was wrong. I'm happy to say that our Solomon is back with us now and he is content again.

We still are unsure about what exactly happened. We decided to go to the hospital at midnight, early Monday Morning, because his fever reached 102. I was slightly freaking out and trying to stay calm but I knew something was wrong. When we got to the hospital they told us that they needed to do several tests because of his young age and the fact that his immune system was not strong yet. The next couple of hours was full of baby cries and some momma cries also. It was rough, but we got through it together as a family of three. 

This has been our first family crisis but I'm very thankful that it was short lived. Our best guess is a viral infection made him sick. All the tests (including the viral test) are coming back negative but there's no way to test every strain around. His fever is finally subsiding without the Tylenol and we are hopeful that it stays low during the night ahead.

During this hard couple of days I've learned a few things.... Solomon loves his daddy's voice and instantly feels settled when he is talking to him. The nurses and doctors here at the hospital are wonderful and yes, I think it is very ironic that we ended up in the hospital after all, even after the wonderful birthing center experience. This baby loves to be naked and really enjoys being wrapped up in a cozy blanket and nothing else. The amount of support that we have received from family, friends and even some strangers is the most comforting feeling I've ever felt. We are thankful for these things. God is good and we are so blessed with this little life he has given us.

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