sushi & two years of marriage.

October 7, 2015

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary a little late since we had that sad hospital stay last week on our actual anniversary. I was in no rush to get out and celebrate, but Solomon is back to his normal happy self, and my mom (Gigi) was happy to come over for an hour so we could get out for some sushi! It was a nice night away and I devoured a lot of raw fish. 

When we showed up, the sushi chef said hi and noticed that I wasn't pregnant anymore. He then said "no baby??" and I told him he was at home with grandma. He asked if I was excited to have a beer and I told him I was here for raw fish! I also said a beer would be nice... but I could do that at home, I can't eat yummy raw fish at home. It was awesome to sit down and have some one on one time with Peter while we shared a beer and some sushi!! The perfect kind of date night, in my opinion.

And when Gigi sends pictures of this little man, you rush home as soon as you are finished eating and get some sweet kisses!!! It was so much fun to have a night out with Peter but it was also pretty dang sweet to come home to this little guy :)

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