a changing baby.

October 12, 2015

While I was pregnant I heard a lot about the Wonder Weeks and thought it would be smart to download the app on my phone. During the past few days I was so thankful I made that decision. Solomon is typically a very happy and chill baby so when he started to have a few melt downs (without a fever) I knew something was going on. A few days ago, my phone buzzed, and it was a notification that the first leap has started. Then I thought.... "Ahhh, my child is losing his mind, but at least it makes sense now". 

I honestly can't explain how helpful this information is. I now know why he is acting so clingy. Why he is hungry ALL THE TIME. Why he randomly screams for what seems like no reason at all. All those things are scary and confusing for a first time mom & I know they are scary and confusing for him. 

It is so rewarding to see these changes though. I see his eyes watching me and noticing me now. He grins and responds to things like the fire place or his favorite orange tractor while I change his diapers, but when he turns his head and grins at me, well... that makes me want to explode into a thousand pieces. He is a precious baby and I'm so glad I know what is going on with this leap he is experiencing. 

Five more days left.... this week will be a long one I think, especially with daddy leaving for a work trip tonight. But, I'm glad that I'm here to comfort him. Feed him, love on him and let him sleep on my chest for as long as he wants, since his crib has become a very scary place to be, apparently. And yes, I am praying his crib will soon become that awesome place where he used to love taking naps. Please, please!!

& that sweet smile disappeared around 10 minutes after this little photoshoot....
he was back to screaming and crying, fighting sleep like a champ! ;)

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