Friday Five

May 2, 2014

Hello Friday & Hello second day of May!! I welcome you with a hug and a peck on the cheek! This week has been a looooong one but it has also been a happy one. All the little moments have honestly been a big blur so I'm thankful I can list a few of the things that made me smile this week. Here we go....

1// spending this past weekend with these sweet girlfriends (and some awesome new friends!!) made Monday a lot longer than normal but it was so worth it!

2// being acknowledged for the hard work I've been doing for a big luncheon at work by receiving these gorgeous flowers made my week. Even if they were left over center pieces from the event... Who cares, it is the thought that counts and I appreciate it! 

3// delicious pasta dinner night and wine with my sweet Mom! Even though I miss that hubby of mine when he is away for work, it is super nice to have some girl time with my bestest friend!! She made Spaghetti Squash for the first time and it was A-MAZING! 

4// realizing I could watch the latest season Parenthood on my phone!!! (I'm only on episode 7, so shhhh!)
 Curled up in bed every night with my cup of tea to watch a couple of episodes has been wonderful! 
My favorite cup from Austin when Peter proposed!!

5// having Tina Turner be the first chicken to say hello every evening when I get home. She really does run that coop!

Happy Weekending!!!



  2. ALEXANDRA BOOTHBYMay 2, 2014 at 10:19 AM

    happy friiday!

  3. It really is crazy how they have all lived up to their names!! hahaha!

  4. Tina Turner! haha. Hilarious. Also, I'm loving that mug.


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