May 22, 2014

There are always those moments of simple and expected but sometimes the "if only" moments can creep in. They aren't terrible, sad moments, just moments when you want to smack yourself on the forehead and go back to bed and wish to wake up from a dream. Start over again and begin the day fresh and prepared. Over the weekend I had a lot of these moments. 

Leaving my purse in the restaurant on Friday night after we had walked halfway to our car, and of course the car keys were in my purse so Peter couldn't continue walking and swing by to pick me up. A few huffs where exhaled between the both of us but it was humorous to realize that Peter had also forgotten his wallet when we returned. On Sunday we were excited to have some lamb that we had defrosted for dinner only to realize that the meat had gone bad somehow so we had nothing to prepare for dinner. I normally do the shopping for groceries on Monday or Tuesday so we were out of everything. We decided some take out would give us a happy solution so while Peter showered after a day in the yard I drove to Joy of Tokyo to pick up a plate of chicken and steak with some rice and veggies to share while watching a movie only to realize I heard Peter wrong and he wanted shrimp and steak. A wife should know that their husband doesn't like chicken teriyaki, right? Wrong, who knew, definitely not me. 

All of these events were followed with "I'm Sorry" and "it's okay" from the both of us but it is in moments like these when we are given a gift. A gift of showing grace - grace for each other and grace for ourselves, trying our best to learn every day in this adventure called marriage. Growing more thankful everyday for the grace that our Lord has given us and trying our hardest to mirror the selfless love He has also given us. At the end of the day, forgotten purses and wallets or lamb, steak, or even chicken teriyaki, heaven forbid isn't even a big deal. This relationship isn't founded on those sometimes moments, no, it is founded on something much deeper. Something that makes our hearts beat and lungs breath, something so much more than this marriage at all. 


  1. I so needed this. You guys are gems.

  2. Marriage is an adventure and like any adventure more often than not it's the struggles that come to mind when remembering the journey. This is not a bad thing more often than not they become some of the best memories as it reminds you that it was overcome by the two of you. Because in reality that's what a prat of marriage is trust in the other and knowing that your a team.

    So keep going because you guys are just starting out there is so many more "adventures" coming and they will progressively get tougher. But you will survive it because when you are at your weakest point you feel the warmth of your partners back against your own and together you become stronger.

  3. Isn't it crazy that little things like that seem like such a big deal in the moment? I find that I'm more angry with his reaction than the actual issue so it goes on and on. This is a great post, Cassie. I love your honesty. Thank God for grace!

  4. You two are... :) Can't wait to see you soon!

  5. thank you for the wonderful comment!

  6. yes, thank God for His grace!! it changes everything!


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