In The Word // John 20:29

May 6, 2014

During the past few days of The Risen Christ study with She Reads Truth I have opened my heart a lot. I have been adamant with myself to make a point every day so I can sit down and give my time to Him completely.
There have been many happy moments and I'm very thankful for it. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of this study and it is definitely bittersweet. Spending time in the Word and learning more about Jesus and His days after the empty tomb have been such a sweet time.

On Friday this question was asked: 
Why do we live in the tension of worship and doubt that disables us to share the truth of God’s love? 
You and I are commissioned – authorized by God – to “therefore go and make disciples” who will know Him and live for Him. This is a commandment from Jesus.

After reading this and thinking on it for a little while I was stumped. I don't consider myself a strong voice for His Kingdom. I sin. Every day I make choices that I know are wrong. I am a human in a fallen world. I see opportunities to share His love but I normally pass them by unless I know I am surrounded by fellow believers. I love to talk about The Lord with sisters and brothers in Christ. But it is the lost that scare me.

I worry that I may not know the right answers, or I might not even understand the answer myself. I know in my heart that God is real. He is within me and I feel Him every day. But I struggle to vocalize that to someone who doesn't know that feeling in their own heart. That tension and doubt disables me to the core. 

My prayer now is for God to open those doors for me. Open the opportunities to share His truth with a yearning heart for more. That is His commandment. Just like the verse above says, we are the blessed ones. The ones who have not seen Him but we know with our whole heart that He is alive. He is not in that tomb. He finished the greatest love story ever written, for us. That is something worth sharing.

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Cassie Lee said...

I think this is one of the hardest things for all believers. I have a hard time because when I was lost, someone talking to me about Jesus would have instantly turned me away, and I struggle to find that balance. This is our message almost every week at work, and it is a tough one!

Cassie Lee said...

Church... not work haha!

Kelli B said...

I struggle with it too, Cassie. For reasons like what Cassie (Lee) said in her comment. But what comforts me is that it isn't my job to worry about making those times happen...I do believe that we are called to share His love but that's in different ways. I ask God to give me those opportunities and that when He does, HE will speak through me. The times He has have been amazing...and it's totally the Holy Spirit talking, not me. Just ask Him to speak through you. It'll release you from that fear. And know that you are telling others about Him just by writing in your blog. :) And loving on others unconditionally!

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