Sipping Sour.

May 29, 2014

Let me just start with this fact, my beer loving husband came up with this awesome idea, so I can't take credit for any of it. He even thought of the name, "Sipping on Cloud Nine" for this new series that we can work on together. Beer is most definitely a big love of our life. We love the complexity of all the different flavors and how making beer can be a true art. There are so many different kinds of beers and that is one of the most fun parts of drinking beer. A couple years ago Peter fell in love with sour beers. At first I was not a fan, it tasted like the beer had gone bad or something, but after a few tries over a few occasions I became hooked.

I'm not sure if we will only write about sours or even only write about beers? This is just a little baby series and I'm not sure what it may grow up to become. But, for right now we will start with a sour!

Beer // Zoetzurr
 Flemish Ale, Flanders Red Ale 
brewed with Cherry Juice, 7%

Notes // front notes of caramel malts and some fruity sweetness. 
Slightly tart finish and crisp.

Ratings, out of 10 
Sour // 4.5
Drinkability // 8
Peter's overall // 6.5
Cassie's overall // 7

Any of you tried sour beers?? What is your favorite? 
Any recommendations for another sipping post?


CassieEliya said...

I couldn't handle a gluten free diet, you are better than me!! You should indulge and find a good sour!! Mmmm!
I'm excited to try the brewery in TWO WEEKS! ;)

Cassie Lee said...

I have an intolerance otherwise I would!

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