My Second Favorite Holiday.

May 7, 2014

As most of you probably know already, my favorite holiday is Easter. And most of you also know that Mexcian food is the way to my heart. Chips, salsa, tacos, margaritas. All of it makes my heart want to burst. So clearly, my second favorite holiday is Cinco de Mayo! Most of monday was spent fighting the urge to skip on down the street to Cantinflas.

Mondays are normally the day that Peter and I go to my moms house for dinner and catch up on some TV shows that the three of us love. We are generous enough to help her clear out some DVR space a little bit. We get yummy food and TV time (we don't have cable) & my mom gets to see us both. It's a win-win kind of situation.

Since this Monday fell on Cinco de Mayo it was clear what was going to happen. I believe that my deep desire for any kind of Mexican food was passed down to me from my Mom, so we celebrated. I made the first round of margaritas, Mom made the tacos, and then Peter made the second round of margaritas. If there were a medal for best margarita, I would be wearing it right now, just saying. 

When I asked Peter to take a photo of me and my margarita I didn't think he would make a mini photo shoot out of it. The photo above is the camera lens looking through a taco shell. He is so silly!! The photo below is me laughing at how silly he really is. Never a dull moment with that man.

Family + Margs + Tacos = Happiness!


Pam Pridmore Graybeal said...

I love our win-win Mondays!

Tanya Jean said...

You are too cute! Happy belated Cinco de Mayo! :)
xo TJ

CassieEliya said...

ME TOO!!! :)

CassieEliya said...

Thank you!! Hope you had a great one also :)
thanks for the comment!!

Chelsea said...

So much fun!

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