In The Word // John 4:24

May 27, 2014

Worship. One of my favorite things about praising God. I recently saw something on the wonderful world of Pinterest that said, "let your worship be your witness" and I believe that is so true. We all go through highs and lows in life but when you can turn your energy toward worshiping HIM then we find true happiness. 

We can witness in so many ways but how we worship on a daily basis is such a strong display of our love. The happiness we carry inside and share with others (even when it is hard!) is a way to worship the King of kindness. Sharing His love in every way.

There are always moments when I want to be lazy in a situation. Not show His love, just be Cassie, and sometimes I listen to my own heart. I gossip, I stay angry, I listen to the enemy. But those times when I shut him out and listen to my true heart, the one that belongs to my Savior, I overflow with grace and kindness. Even in the hard moments when I think I will be weak and sin, He guides me to be strong. Worshiping His beautiful love.

It is all in Spirit & Truth. All because of Him. 
What ways do you worship our Maker every day?

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1 comment:

Cassie Lee said...

Love this friend. You're so encouraging and wise.

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