ACL Madness!

October 18, 2012

Austin is such an awesome city… the people that live there enjoy keeping it weird but I liked that too. There were a lot of hipsters and hippies. Amazing food. Spending time with a dear friend that lives far away ((so happy you came Jon)). The best bloody mary I’ve ever had and a yummy margarita too. Cute yoga studios. No such thing as mild salsa. Super scary birds that I am 100% sure wanted to eat me. A street of old houses that have been turned into awesome bars. Dirty, aching feet and a twisted ankle. One certain man dropping to his knee and making me the happiest woman in Austin. Spicy tacos from one of the many food trucks. Learning that food trucks really are the best invention ever. Life altering performance by Florence & the Machine. Only having to buy 1 souvenir T-Shirt because my future husband and I can wear the same size which made me have that ah-ha moment where I realized we are going to share drawers one day which also made me do a happy dance. Honestly, the list could go on and on… the many memories from Austin will always stay with me. It was a perfect weekend, sprained ankle and all.

I joked with Peter and said that since we got engaged during the ACL Music Festival weekend we should come back every year. When I say joke I mean I giggled after the comment but in my heart I was very serious. It only makes sense to celebrate with awesome music and amazing food every year, right?

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