Goals // 2.18

February 1, 2018

One month down already. So crazy, I honestly feel like it's going to be December before we know it. How does time fly by so quickly?!? How do I have a one month old baby already? It's just insane, but time isn't going to slow down, so I might as well look ahead to the month ahead. February is a good one for me since I get to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day! Lot's of love, and a lot of happiness!! 

one of my favorite candid shots of my three guys this past month! 

January Goals
1 // find my routine at home with two baby boys - slowly but surely, it is falling into place. I'm excited to see that Asher is starting to have some type of routine with his awake and sleeping hours during the day. I'm sure that will continue to change in February and that will help with our routine for sure. 
2 // start some fun "school time" with Solomon - we have been working a little each day with "school time" and he loves it. I try and do this during my quiet time in the play room (#playroomquiettime on Instagram!) but sometimes we enjoy the school time together. We've also been trying to have some floor playtime that includes some learning also. I definitely want to make it fun for him so he enjoys it. 
3 // finish our 2018 photo calendar - I actually decided to not do this after all. The more I started to work on it the more I realized we didn't really need it. 
4 // deep clean the house and get back on our cleaning schedule - again, slowly but surely, this is happening. I've found that the last few hours in our day at home, before daddy gets home, is the best time to do a lot of the cleaning. Asher is awake and happy and Solomon can have some TV time while I get things straightened up around the house. It's also nice that Peter gets to come home to a house that is somewhat put together and a happy wife as well. I'm still working on our cleaning schedule and how I will need to tweak it with two boys at home. 

February Goals
1 // celebrate my birthday with my family
2 // share a day in our life post
3 // cook dinner with Peter for Valentine's Day at home
4 // purge my closet and donate clothes
5 // print some new photos for the house

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