weekly three.

February 9, 2018

Another week has flown by, and this one was full of things to do, so it really flew by. Things are definitely feeling more normal around here with two babies to love on. I was thinking yesterday about how I didn't feel "back to myself" after having Solomon until around seven months. But this time has been so much faster, I think maybe because I'm already a mother? I'm not really sure, but I do enjoy feeling at ease and enjoying both of my sweet boys. I'm really tired and working my way through motherhood, but it feels good, and I'm thankful!

it was so wonderful to enjoy some front porch time with both of the boys this week! It really made me excited for Spring.

this cute little guy may not like evenings and cry a LOT, but his happy mornings make up for it!

lemon cake and a great bible study, two of my favorites things in life!

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