my sweet babies.

February 14, 2018

We've never been a big on Valentines Day celebrations, but it's always fun to give a little extra love to those special people in your life! Yesterday afternoon was a long one. I had two boys who only wanted to cry and needed some one on one mommy time. Those moments are the hardest so far. When Solomon is crying "mommy hold me" while I'm feeding a very hungry newborn. I try my best to love them both as hard as I can, but sometimes I can feel a little spread thin. Sadly, in those moments I tend to lose my cool. I definitely don't feel like a lovable mommy all the time, but these boys still want me. They still love me and need me. And I need them back. Even in the long and hard moments of our days, I need them so desperately. My biggest prayer right now is that when they see I'm not perfect, that they also see that I need Christ every day. I hope that my need for Him will create a need for Him in their life. Because I need Jesus so much. All day long I need Him, and He gave me these sweet babies to love, and teach and disciple daily. I read a quote recently from the Well Watered Women Blog that really resonated with me......

"One thing I've learned about discipling our young children is that it's usually much simpler than we make it out to be. Nurturing the hearts of our children is not a sprint: it's a marathon. Our goal isn't shallow roots that sprout up quickly and die, but deep healthy roots that are firmly established  in God's rich fertile soil."

So true, and so good to remember in these crazy days of motherhood. So, Happy Valentine's Day to my little loves. I'm so thankful that God gave me your little hearts to grow and nurture, in hopes to create big hearts for Him one day. I love you!

the way he looks at his big brother kills me!

mom, stop it and hold me!

Happy Love Day, friends!!! 

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