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February 20, 2018

chubby sleepy face & the "asking a question" face.....
two of my favorite faces right now! 
(in his Darth Vader pajamas, of course.)

Making // to do lists like crazy!
Cooking // barely anything, except for pasta. quick and easy meals are the easiest right now.
Drinking // so much water!! Breastfeeding makes me forever thirsty!
Reading // a lot of Dr. Seuss lately
Wanting // to know when Asher will stop hating the car!?!
Looking // for an art piece for the mantle and I can't seem to make a decision!!! 
Wishing // there wasn't SO MUCH rain this week, but the warm weather is nice. At least it isn't cold rain.
Enjoying // how interactive Asher has become in the past week!
Liking // my daily quiet time in the playroom with Solomon. It has become my favorite part of the day. 
Wondering // when the flu season will finally be over?!? I've never been so afraid of the flu. 
Loving // being a stay at home mom to two boys, I'm so thankful that I love it, and that I really want to do it. It really is such a blessing!
Hoping // for a day trip to Asheville soon!!!! 
Marveling // at how quickly Asher is adapting to a schedule during the day and night.
Needing // to take Solomon out on a little date with mommy and daddy soon!! Maybe this weekend?!?
Smelling // bleach from washing a load of whites this morning.
Wearing // lounge wear as often as possible! I'm excited to used my Aerie gift card that my mom gave me for my birthday soon! 
Knowing // that this year is going to fly by, since the past two months have gone by so quickly! How do we have an almost two month old baby already? It's killing me!!!!
Thinking // about all the summer vacation options and what we should do......?
Bookmarking // so many beautiful instagram accounts with home decor ideas for spring.
Opening // Amazon Prime boxes way too often, just ask my husband. ;) "what did you buy now?!?"
Giggling // at all the crazy things Solomon says and does lately, he is the funniest boy. And so sweet!!!
Feeling // really excited about Easter coming up and some of the new traditions we are going to start to keep Jesus at the core of the holiday!

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