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February 23, 2018

This week has been an interesting week with Peter's first couple nights away for work since Asher has been born. It was supposed to be one night but he needed to stay a bit longer, so that unexpected news had me a little worried, but it surprisingly went so well. My mom gladly came over to help with the bedtime routine both nights and Solomon loved the extra Gigi time. He also loved daddy coming home last night! He is such a daddy's boy, and I love it. He came walking in our room this morning around 7:30 as I was changing Asher's diaper. He curled up beside him in the bed and started kissing and hugging him. I asked him if he was ready to go downstairs and he said no, stay upstairs. I don't think he was quite ready to get out of the comfy bed and start the day. Then I said "but daddy's downstairs!". The big grin that came across his face and the excitement in his eyes was so sweet. He couldn't get downstairs fast enough and went running into his arms. This week might have been a little tough, but it sure did make me even more thankful for a husband that works hard to take care of his family, even if that means he has to leave us every now and then. We love him so much, and I can't wait to spend the weekend with him!

these two, I really can't believe they are mine sometimes! 

watching Solomon swing and play in my grandma's back yard was so sweet. I have so many memories growing up in this back yard and it made me miss my grandpa, he would have loved to play and love on my sweet boys so much!

eight weeks old already!! I can't believe it. It feels like he's been here forever, but still like I had him yesterday, somehow??

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