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February 2, 2018

It has been a busy week thanks to actually getting out of the house several times! Praise Jesus!!! I could hardly stand staying cooped up in our house much longer. I was so happy to have some fun things to do this week, and I even ventured out to the grocery store with both boys solo, for the first time. Thankfully, Asher still sleeps a LOT, so he snoozed the whole time. Solomon always loves to go grocery shopping, so it was a fun time for us all. As for this weekend, I'm ready to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (and my nephew's 4th Birthday!), and then  enjoy the Super Bowl! Hope you have a fun one!!! Happy February! 

Asher started his first Wonder Weeks Leap this week so there has been a lot of cuddling!!!

Cutest captain America around, he was so excited to spend the day with his cousins and get out of the house on Tuesday. 

New friends and new babies, so fun to eat some yummy brunch and hang out with some girlfriends yesterday morning! 

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