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January 19, 2018

This week flew by, thanks to the midweek snow break! It was nice to see everything covered in the beautiful white snow and have a relaxing morning with daddy at home before he ventured into work on Wednesday. Yesterday was definitely the most stressful day so far with my two boys. Solomon has a cold which means he's having a few too many meltdowns, then add in a baby brother that he can't hold or kiss, well... he's hasn't been a happy guy. I'm hoping hes back to normal soon. For all of our sanity. I can't believe it's already Friday. Praise Jesus, I'm ready for the weekend!!!

butt pats and reading books.... the life of a mom of two. I'm finding my way through the adventure and really loving it. I told Peter this week that I still want ten babies. Even after the day of meltdowns yesterday. 

this little angel and his sleeping habits so far have been such a surprise. He has given us 4-5 hours a night (most nights) and even puts himself to sleep with the paci at times. Both things that Solomon never did. Solomon didn't sleep for more than 2 hour chunks until he was 20 months old, and I'm not kidding. So, this is a nice change for us! Happy THREE WEEKS to our sweet boy. I can't believe we've had you in our arms for a solid three weeks already. 

I'm going to try my best to have my morning coffee in the playroom with Solomon instead of on the couch with the TV. The light coming in first thing in the morning is so nice and I love to sit and watch him play. A much better habit than staring at the TV or my phone. 

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