snow day.

January 18, 2018

We had our first snow of 2018 (and dare I hope, the last! I'm so ready for Spring) and Solomon was so excited. Ever since our last snow, anytime it has been really cold, Solomon asks if it's going to snow. When we heard the news that we could get a dusting to 1 inch of snow, I was hopeful it would work out for our little guy. Yesterday morning he woke up bright and early at 6:30, like he knew something big was happening. We were so excited to share the surprise with him once it was daylight outside and he could see the snow. It definitely helped with a morning meltdown, he quickly had an attitude change once he saw all the pretty white snow. I was also excited for Asher's first snow day! It was cold so we all got bundled up for a short 20-30 minutes to explore. Solomon has a cold and Asher is so tiny, so we knew we wouldn't spend a long time outside. Thankfully the hot chocolate was a good way to get Solomon back inside. 

I was very excited to use my baby wearing jacket for the fist time. 
This jacket is so nice since you can wear it 3 different ways, I wouldn't spend the money on it for full price BUT I did get a great deal on it before Christmas. I actually got lucky enough to wish for this for the Eliya Family Exchange this year, it was such a good gift!! 

I love this photo SO MUCH!
& I love how Solomon is staring at his daddy in almost every single picture lately. He's definitely obsessed with Peter and I love it! 

Happy snow day to all of you!!!! Hope you can enjoy it a bit longer before it all melts away, I will definitely enjoy looking at it from my warm spot on the couch! ;) 
Okay, Spring.... we are ready for you!!!!

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