Solomon Says // 002

January 23, 2018

I thought we were due for another Solomon Says post, since he seems to be saying so much lately. I love that I can have full on conversations with my little guy now. This stage is so fun!!! 

OH! // he says this constantly and I think it's so funny. If we are talking to him and explaining something new, he will look at us like he completely understands and casually says, OH! Then if he's doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing, and we correct him, he will respond with the OH! like he had no idea. He also loves to say OH! while playing with his toys or running around the house talking to himself.

baby brother talk // it's not so much what he says but how he says it to Asher. Whenever he's talking to Asher he will have a change in his voice and sounds even sweeter and constantly rubs his head while talking to him. He loves him so much and I love watching them together.

otay // I know he picked this up from Peter because he says it a lot, mainly when he's starting to read a book to Solomon. He will open the book and say OKAY before starting to read. Now anytime Solomon is reading a book to himself, he opens it and says "otay". Kills me, I love how he watches Peter and copies him all the time. He will also say "otay mommy", when I ask him to do something, which is so cute! But, the cutest way he says it has to be when he is using that sweet little voice when Asher is crying and he tells him "it's otaaaaaay".

imagination // just in the past few weeks his imagination is going wild and you never know what he's going to say or do. It's so funny to watch him play now and hear the things he comes up with. Especially how he changes who he is constantly. If I call him Solomon he might respond with, no I'm a tiger, or a dinosaur, or even Luke Skywalker (he's a little obsessed with Star Wars right now) but just a couple days ago he told me he was his cousin Giovanni. The entire night he was Giovanni and  would tell us that Solomon was playing outside or in the playroom. Then he would go and find him but he wasn't Solomon again for a while. Anytime I would try and call him Solomon he'd say "No, I'm Giovanni, be nice!" It's so fun to see him pretend and come up with these things on his own.

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