Goals // 4.17

April 3, 2017

March really flew by. Solomon and I were sadly sick for a lot of it, but we had some great things happen also. I really think that I'll always look back on this month as a game changer for our family. We finally started the task of night weaning and stopped co-sleeping. Both very big blessings full of special moments that I wasn't sure I could give up quite yet. But, Solomon was showing a lot of signs that he was ready, and I knew deep down that I was ready too. I never thought it would have gone so smoothly, but Solomon is officially sleeping all night with no problems! I'm thinking about sharing some details on our process, so let me know if that sounds like something you'd like to hear about. Now, on to the goals..... 

March Goals
1 // work my butt off during the Bootcamp Challenge at the gym - I did work my butt off quite a bit. I was battleing a cold for some of the month but I'm proud of myself for making time and actually enjoying the gym! After 21 days of the challenge I lost almost 2% of body fat. My weight and inches didn't change but the fat dropped, which is more important the other numbers. I'm excited to see myself get stronger in the months ahead. 
2 // schedule our family dentist appointment - this didn't happen... I guess I was distracted with the colds and the stomach flu that Solomon just had. I need to make this happen in April!
3 // purge my clothes and donate things I don't need - I did a LOT of purging, but I need to still donate the items. I'm also going to make a trip to Clothes Mentor to try and sell some of the nicer items that I don't wear anymore.
4 // complete the first5 plan through Leviticus & Hebrews - I'm still working through the study and I'm enjoying the app but I do think I'm going to check around for some other apps. Possibly try SheReadsTruth again, also.... if you have any devotional recommendations, I'd love to hear them! 

April Goals
1 // start meal planning and figure it out
2 // finish our entire house zone cleaning schedule 
3 // fix the yard with my mom (you are welcome, mom!)
4 // schedule our family dentist appointment 

Happy April to all of you!!!

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