sick days.

January 11, 2016

I always feared my first sick day as a momma and I was worried that having a fall/winter baby would make things a little trickier. I really try and wash my hands as much as possible to keep the germs away and keep us healthy, but I didn't stand a chance with the constant change in temperature around here. One of the most annoying parts of a southern winter. Some days it feels like spring, some days it feels like winter. With Peter traveling for work I didn't even try and manage at home alone all weekend. Instead, I packed our bags and we went to stay with Gigi for Friday and Saturday night, so we both could be taken care of. 

The mug definitely fits, but it should say BEST MOM EVER. on the flip side! I have memories of being sick as a kid and in all of them, I remember my mom making me comfy on the couch with all I needed right by my side. It was kind of the same as an adult but she just did the diaper changes and late night walking with my little man. It was so nice to know that I could pass him over and let him be spoiled a little. It was definitely spoiling me! And on top of all the help, a delicious breakfast is always appreciated when you are sick!!

bacon, cheese grits, napping babies and hot coffee. 
What else could a sick momma ask for?!?

All you can do is wash your hands constantly, feed your baby as much as possible and pray that all those good antibodies are being passed to him so he won't get sick. I've noticed a slight runny nose and some crusties around his nose but since I'm feeling better already, I'm hoping he won't get sick. Like I said, not much I can do when he constantly wants to be held and loved on. But, I am so thankful for my mom and all the love she was able to give him while I was sick!

Look at that drool...... HA!
Sweet Bella loved the company also, she was just constantly confused at why she couldn't play with her new dog toys Solomon's toys!

We love you so much, Gigi!! thank you for taking care of us!

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