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January 22, 2016

This week has been a quiet one.... around here on the blog, in our house and just in life. I'm trying to take time every day to rest and play with our little man. I have a lot of feelings going on recently thanks to our church and the sermon series we are doing, but more on that later. This weekend is supposed to be full of snow, but we don't have a ton yet. Just a slight dusting in areas and an icy back deck, but I'm excited to have a slow weekend and hopefully get some pictures outside for Solomon's first snow!! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

These little dinosaur feet were killing me this week! It also killed me that he could wear these pajamas because they are sized for 6 months. Stop growing, baby boy!!! Please!

Family date night to Carrabbas this week was a lot of fun! We received a gift card back when we had Solomon from my mom's office but we didn't even use it. It was a super sweet surprise to find out that the table behind us paid for our meal, we were blown away by the random act of kindness.

The workout DVDs came out today and I'm embarrassed to admit that it was the first workout in many, many months. Time to get this body back in shape, even if it is hard. 

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