weekly three.

January 8, 2016

I've been wanting to try and start a weekly blog post to track my favorite things throughout the week, but having a weekly five like a lot of bloggers seems a bit high for me. I have had weeks when I only have three-four things and I would skip sharing the post, so I thought why not change things up a bit and just share a weekly three?? I'm excited to see how the weeks ahead will evolve and keep track of the three things in every week that made me smile. Like I always say, it's the little things in life that make it full and happy, and I love to track those here...

This week has been a crazy one. Peter has been out of town for a work project but I have been surrounded by friends and had some help from my mom. So thankful for all the sweet people in my life that love us. This weekend is going to be full of errands and finally putting away the last of the Christmas decorations. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend, stay warm!

some girl time with my friends on Sunday to exchange Christmas gifts and as always, Jocie's home is so perfectly her with her beautiful creations!

this sweet boy is starting to reach for his toys and even roll over now! It's crazy how fast he is growing and I'm looking forward for the day that he reaches for me. 

My nightly cup of hot tea that makes me all warm and cozy since the weather has finally gotten cold around her. Love it!

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