fun in chucktown.

January 5, 2016

We were so excited for Solomon's first trip to Charleston (aka, Chucktown) because we love the city so much. But, not only was it a fun little get away for a day, it was a great date night for me and Peter! My mom bought Peter tickets to see Jump Little Children for his Birthday back in May and I've been patiently waiting for the day to use them. Peter has seen them sooo many times, and since the band is no longer together, I thought I'd never have a chance to see them perform. I'm so happy they decided to do a reunion tour and I can't believe my mom scored us some tickets! But, before we got to the date night and concert fun, we decided to go downtown to walk around in the beautiful weather and enjoy our day! 

one of the best parts of traveling with Gigi (besides the babysitting & date nights) 
is creating some sweet memories with her and having a set of extra hands to help us out
and take pictures of us as a couple! 

One thing I wanted to do so badly, is go by the big pineapple fountain for a picture!
I love that Peter took the picture below back in June when I was pregnant with Solomon 
and then we got to come back with him for a new picture. So special! 

Babymoon in June // & now!

After our fun time downtown we went back to the hotel so we could get ready for our night out. We stumbled upon one of the best happy hours ever ($5 bourbon, a Peter favorite) at The Cocktail Club so we went there for some food and drinks. I had the best cocktail I've ever had and we split two amazing sandwiches with some fancy popcorn. The night was already wonderful, then we got to hear the amazing sounds of JLC! 

super grainy picture but I don't even care.... the night was so much fun!!

The amazing band. I'm so happy we were able to make one last trip to Charleston before 2016 arrived. We always have such a good time but this trip might take the cake, so far!

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