weekly three.

Today is a good day, my hubby is home and it's a day early, so that is always a nice surprise!! I love those fun, surprise calls that make the end of the week a little extra happy. This week has been a long one since we didn't leave the house from Sunday-Thursday but I didn't want to do too much in case we were going to have a relapse of the cold. Thankfully, we are both fine and healthy! This weekend is going to be full of family time and I can't wait!! Hope your weekend is slow and wonderful!

All the lovely, clean diapers ready to be used. Its funny how much I have grown to love cloth diapers, even stuffing them is therapeutic. So many other cloth diaper moms told me I'd feel that way but I didn't think it was possible.

So excited to be using my Christmas Gift for the first time!! I made this recipe and loved it!

And I'm so happy to have this Christmas gift hanging by our front door now! It really is the perfect place for it.


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