packing the bags.

August 25, 2015

I thought it would be fun to celebrate making it to week 38 by sharing all the many bags I have packed for the big event! It was a little different to pack for a birthing center vs a hospital stay since you only stay there 4-6 hours after the baby arrives, and I haven't seen many packing lists for a birth center delivery, so I thought it would be great to share mine! 

(both very generous gifts at a baby shower)

The breakdown of the bags are

Solomon's Bag
1//one outfit  2//one sleeper  3//going home outfit + hat
4//diapers + wipes  5//two blankets  6//two burp cloths
7//socks  8//mittens  9//hand sanitizer

Momma's Bag
1//night gown  2//pajamas  3//going home outfit  4//two pairs of undies
5//wetbag for clothes  6//nursing bra  7//nipple butter
8//cloth nursing pads  9//swim top for tub  10//socks  11//slippers  13//flipflops

Toiletries Bag
1//hair ties  2//headbands  3//chapstick  4//shampoo & conditioner
5//dry shampoo  6//soap  7//face cleanser  8//face scrub  9//cotton pads
10//cotton swabs  11//toothbrush + toothpaste  12//coconut oil  13//vitamins
14//brush  15//makeup bag

Daddy's Bag
1//cell phones and charger  2//camera with lens and extra battery  3//swimsuit
4//extra set of clothes and underwear  5//pajama pants  6//toothbrush

Snack Bag
1//coconut water  2//larabars  3//bananas  4//cucumbers
5//grapes  6//glass with bendy straw

& the "just in case" Hospital Bag
1//extra sleepers for Solomon  2//extra socks and hats for Solomon
3//diapers + wipes  4//two blankets  5//postpartum wrap  6//breast pump
7//extra clothes and undies for momma  8//extra clothes and undies for daddy

What did I forget?!? Anything that you Momma's out there loved having with you
or anything that I definitely will not need??

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