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April 3, 2014

I’m not going to lie, when I saw that we had to share our heart about Modesty I didn't really know where to start, so I went to the definition. There were three different ways that the work modesty can be used and I have been sharing three topics on all of my Total Truth Thursday posts so that really helped a lot! I thought about each definition and tried to relate it to my life. What they all mean to me and how I think about modesty on a daily basis. 

1// assessment
Being a modest person with your life and your achievements is such a wonderful quality to have. One of my biggest pet peeves in people is when someone is boastful. I prefer to look at everything in my life as a blessing and when you think about it in that way, you can't help but have a sense of modesty. Acting like you are entitled to something is such a nasty habit. When you are truly thankful for something you can share it more openly and freely which is a beautiful thing.

2// amount
I'm a sucker for a sale and it causes me sincere pain to buy anything at the full price because I feel that one of the best ways to show your modesty is in your purchases and lifestyle. Yes, I may have a beautiful Coach purse but you may not know that it was the first (and probably last) Coach purse that I ever purchased. I bought it with a gift card and at a special 70% off price + free shipping. I don't think badly on anyone that pays full price for a purse, shoes, clothing, etc., but I just know that is something that I can't do personally. It may seem cheap but I prefer to call it frugal or thrifty! 

This is something that unfortunately, I have not always practiced, but the way that you carry yourself and dress is a huge way to express modesty. In my younger years I would enjoy tinier pieces of clothing, but lately in my "older" years and these recent months as a wife I seriously consider what I choose to wear. This does not mean that I won't wear a pair of shorts in the summer or wear a bikini by the pool. I believe that 90% of modesty is how you carry yourself. If you carry yourself with grace then that is the most important factor.

All of those points aren’t life changing. I don’t constantly think about being modest, but I can honestly say that it has thankfully been branded into who I am by my family. I was raised in a modest family and with modest friends so I count that as a huge blessing. The little things in life are what make me happy and I personally love it that way.

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Cassie said...

thank you so much! :)

Cassie said...

Great post! I love your honesty! I believe it is in your character and important to be modest in many aspects of life not only in the way you dress. Again if I have to second guess I won't wear it just because of my personal comforts.

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