Friday Five

April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!!!! It has been a long week and I didn't get to share my five last Friday since I was on vacation in Charleston BUT this week is a new week, and I'm so glad that today is finally Friday - WOOHOOO! Here are a few things that made this week a little happier! 

1// the new design that you are seeing right now makes me redicously happy but I'm super excited about Our Wedding page up above!

2// taking care of the garden this week while Peter was out of town. This blueberry bush is doing really well and I can wait to use these for some pancakes!

3// my fun green nails that have lasted over a week thanks to my at home manicure routine! Let me know if you ladies are interested in what I do, I'm thinking about sharing all the steps on the blog. 

4// these pretty purple tulips that bloomed by our drive way, what a nice surprise for our first spring in our home! 

5// my mom and I have a date with this handsome fella tomorrow night! We are pretty excited about it. 

Happy Weekend, Ladies!!!


After Eleven Blog said...

ahhh I love the green nails! I went with a pastel purple for my spring nails but WOW I'm digging the green. You could possibly just have made my decision on my next manicure color. ha

sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

Love that wedding pic!! Someday I'm definitely going to come back and read through all of your wedding posts, I love reminiscing about things like that :) And pretty, pretty tulips!

Emily Dixie on my Mind said...

You are right - I do love your design! I'm definitely going to have to check out the info you sent me in your comment on my post - thank you for sharing! Have a lovely weekend - I'm totally jealous that you have a blueberry bush! That sounds amazing.

Cassie said...

Thank you!! I love it too, good luck with your new design.

Cassie said...

Please do!! It was such a fun time & I love reminiscing too! thanks for the comment!

Susannah said...

I'd LOVE to know how you do your nails!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks girl! :) Green is always a great color for nails... I have a pastel purple on mine right now.

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