Hello Again Littles.

April 9, 2014

It seems that every time I take a little blogging break for any reason, I always want to jump back into things with a “Littles” post. I know the fact that my love for all those little moments in life has a lot to do with it. When I haven’t been able to update this space much I think it makes sense to take a little step back into it. So, without any more blabbing, here are some little things that have made me smile recently!

let me just state the obvious and say that the new design is so gorgeous and I am so, so happy with it // the way my heart flutters when I see Peter and that sweet smile of his after a few days apart, it kills me in the best way possible // all of the deals I found while doing some outlet shopping with Mom. It was gooood, ladies, and definitley needed // the many laughs that were enjoyed during the girls weekend in Charleston. Not just chuckles but those deep, belly hurting, kind of laughs that make you realize how precious the people in your life are

Mimosas to celebrate finishing the Cooper River Bridge Run,
thanks to the fabulous, Auntie Lynne. More on the fun weekend, soon!

*also, if you are interested in revamping your blog then I highly suggest you contact the talented, Kelly Hipsher. She is so talented and can do anything from blog designs to invitation designs.
Thank You, Kelly, for the amazing design. I love it!!

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