Taking Stock 002

April 1, 2014

Making // more roasted chickpeas soon. I'm slightly obsessed.
Cooking // potatoes for dinner with my community group tonight. Cheeeeeesy potatoes!
Drinking // ice water
Reading // recently purchased Sense and Sensibility so I can work on #93 on my 101 in 1001 list. Haven't started it yet. 
Wanting // more of the white chocolate mousse yogurt with peanut butter sauce that I just devoured with Jocie. Dessert before dinner tonight was nice!
Looking // out at the backyard and the
garden that we started to plant. I really love it. 
(Photos above from working in the yard on Sunday) 
Wasting // time online shopping since I never really buy anything. 

Sewing Crocheting // changed this one so I could actually answer it. Nothing yet. But soon!
Wishing // shoes didn't cost so much. I really hate spending money on shoes.
Enjoying // this fabulous spring weather we are having!
Liking // the book a Genesis.
Wondering // still confused about the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. I honestly can't believe what happened and I did not like it. Personally I think it was a huge let down after nine seasons!
Loving // the fact that Peter came home early from his work trip this week. I think all his trips should only be one night! 
Hoping // for a few new freckles on my nose & cheeks after the next several months!
Marveling // over Psalm 9:1-2. love it.
Needing // a haircut.
Smelling // the Body Shop mango body butter. Mmmm!
Wearing // polkadots!
Following // the weather updates for this weekend. Come on sunshine!!!
Noticing // how much I really love my new glasses. I hardly ever take them off. 
Knowing // that I really need to drink more water during the day.
Thinking // about how much I crave coffee instead of water while at work. It might be a problem.
Bookmarking // the Home & Garden magazine that I have a subscription for thanks to my Grandma. Another sentence I thought I'd never type.
Opening // my bible a lot less than I should. Working on that problem.
Giggling // at how crazy our little chicks are! They are so funny. 
Feeling // happy.


Cassie said...

ha! It is our first year working on a garden together in this yard so I'm interested to see if we have any visitors! :)

Cassie said...

DUDE! your garden ROCKS! Please come to my house. hahaha. I want to grow one but we have so many stinkin jack rabbits! ha

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