In The Word // 1 Peter 1:3

April 22, 2014

Today is the first link up with Cassie for our In The Word Tuesday and I hope you join us!

The Easter service at my Church was about Peter and the decisions he made during the days leading up to Jesus’ death and the days following the resurrection. I thought it was so interesting that even though he denied Jesus three times, He didn’t love him less. He forgave him and added more responsibility to Peter’s life.

After thinking about that for a little while I wanted to read 1 Peter to prepare for today. As I was reading through the first chapter in 1 Peter, I felt so much power from verse 3.

We should live with GREAT EXPECTATION every single day. From the moment we wake up till our eyes shut to sleep at night. All day should be spent praising Him for what he has done. Anticipating and hoping for His presence in everything we do. Calling for it and asking for Him to make himself known.

Now, this is a lot easier said than done. That is the sad truth. We get caught up in our busy lives so easily and forget to anticipate His goodness. Stressful moments are filled with the enemy instead of finding our Savior. When I realize what I am feeling – anxiety, worry, tension, or even steadily moving through the moments that fill my day – I instantly want to sit at His feet and ask for forgiveness. Those moments when I need Him the most are the ones that I rely on my sinful nature, trying to complete everything on my own.

But just like Peter, I am forgivin. He knows my weakness and He knows my heart. He loves me despite all of the wrong decisions. He is Love.

Over the next few weeks I am going to make a point to dig deeper in His word. Normally, if I enjoyed a sermon at church I would soak it in and then move on. I would start soaking in the world around instead of more of His word. I'm so glad that I searched for more of Christ and spent some time reading 1 Peter. He uses that time to teach us and prepare us for the moments ahead. I know that and I am so thankful for a God that will never turn His back on me. He will always be there. He is alive & I will live with great expectation because of it.

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Cassie Lee said...

I could not agree more, I'm so guilty of trying to hide myself when I am being sinful! So glad we started this little link-up, I love learning more about what God is showing you!

Kelli said...

I really agree with everything in this post! How convicting! ...especially the paragraph about living with great expectation. I need to anticipate His presence in everything I do on a daily basis, not just occasionally like I feel I do. I'm going to read this verse daily to remind me of that. Thanks Cassie!

CassieEliya said...

Thank you for your sweet words!! It really is such a wonderful verse to remember everyday in every moment! :) thanks so much for linking up with us! :) looking forward to the weeks ahead!
Love your blog also, by the way!!

CassieEliya said...

I just love this and I love you!!!! Happiness all over because of this link up and friendship! xoxo

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