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April 24, 2014

{just for the record... the waffle above is my homemade-whole wheat waffles, full of super healthy things and organic strawberries with natural, organic syrup!}

Today's Total Truth Thursday is an open topic which means I can choose whatever I want to talk about. This one was a lot harder to decide than the last open topic (friendship), but with some help from the Husband, I decided to talk about Health. Health is something that is very important to me, although that was not always the case. I used to eat very bad food (aka, McDonalds or Taco Bell) and almost never exercised. This all began to change five years ago when I met Peter. I used to say he was a “food snob” and couldn’t believe that he had never (EVER) eaten at Taco Bell but then I started to realize that he had justified reasons for the things he would eat & the things he would not eat.

Fast forward to October 2012. I was almost engaged and pretty much blind to how overweight I was. It didn't really hit me until February 2013, while I was celebrating my 26th birthday. I then realized that I was extremely unhappy with my health. I had yo-yoed with my weight during the past few years and I was ready to finally make a change. I’ll be honest and admit that most of my drive to change came from my future wedding date. I wanted to look my best, but I also wanted to feel my best.

The picture above still shocks me. At the time when I started this new journey of a healthier lifestyle, I knew I needed to finally step on a scale and figure out what I needed to do. For my age and height I weighed 25 pounds over the TOP of the healthy limit. After losing that 25 pounds over the next seven months I felt like a new person. Today I still fluctuate between 25-30 pounds less than those early months in 2013. It is such a great accomplishment but I would still like to get down in the average healthy limit instead of hanging out at the top of it. I'd like to share the three things that I changed in my life to make this goal a lot easier, and what I plan to do to keep it up!  

1// find a workout that works best for you
When I first started on this journey I joined the BEACHBODY community and absolutely loved it! They have great workout videos, tasty Shakeology drinks, and amazing accountability groups. At the time I was working out almost every day with my mom and we would make sure we pushed each other which was very helpful. 
I’m so thankful for Beachbody and all the results that I received from those workouts but now that I am married I haven’t been able to keep up with them. For the past six months I have struggled with making time to workout. Recently, I realized that I needed to make time during my workday. Thankfully with the gym that we have in my office building I have that ability. I just recently signed up and will spend my lunch hour working out. I'm excited to see the changes in the next few months as I tone up and build my strength again.  

2// seriously consider everything you eat
My life changed drastically when I stopped thinking about my diet as a “diet” and started to see it as a life change. It is okay to splurge and enjoy a burger and fries from a great restaurant but 80% of the time I try my best to only eat healthy, clean foods. I can’t tell you the last time I pulled through a McDonalds or Taco Bell and I honestly like it that way. I like to fill my stomach with food that is going to give me energy and make me healthier, not something that will weigh me down and make me regret my decision. This does not mean that I don’t enjoy the foods I eat, I've just learned what is better for me, and I enjoy them even more now. Keeping healthy snacks near by are also a big change that I have made. I snack on a Larabar, a handful of raw almonds or a piece of fruit instead of snacks that are full of carbs and fat. 
But, seriously… I still need Mexican food at least once a week. That will never change! 

3// don't concentrate on the scale
When you are getting started on this journey you always look at the scale first. You have to so you can know your results, but once you achieve your goal weight it is no longer the biggest factor. Since my wedding day I have fluctuated around five pounds which I think is normal. You are never going to be the same weight every day. What I try and pay more attention to is my clothing and how they are fitting. I have my “skinny pants” that I was not able to wear for almost eight years but in the past year that has changed, they fit now! Whenever I put those pants on and they feel a little snug I know to reevaluate the situation and take a closer look at what I am doing to stay active and what I have been eating. Within a few days of being more careful about what I consume, things are back to normal and my pants are happy, which makes me happy. So, check the scale – but don’t let it determine everything. If your body is happy and you feel healthy then that number you see is usually going to line up with how you feel.   

Of course I am no expert. I am not a doctor. I can only speak from my own experiences and speak truthfully about how I perceive a healthy life. This post is not sponsored by any of the products I mentioned above BUT if you are interested I would gladly point you to my friend, Megan. She is a true inspiration and her passion in life is staying healthy for her family and herself which is my main goal as well.

Total Truth Thursday

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Cassie Lee said...

So proud of you! These are all great tips and the exact way I stay fit :)

Kelli B said...

Great post, Cassie! I can't dwell on weight because it'll drive you crazy! I see how my clothes are fitting me. All of mine are a bit tight right now so I can tell that I'm a tad bigger than this time last year :-/ There's something about marriage! Haha. We've finally started more of a workout routine but my husband eats pretty unhealthy so I easily get talked into Chick-fil-a every now and then. Snacking is a great thing like you said :) It helps me to not over-eat. You look great Cassie! Good job!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!! It is so much easier when you change your thought process!

CassieEliya said...

You are so kind!!! Thank you for your sweek comment! Ifeel ya in the chick-fil-a, good thing I always crave it on Sundays! Haha ;)

Cassie Lee said...

Yep! It's mostly mental if you ask me

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