Goals // 4.14

March 31, 2014

Pretty pink tulips left over from Madison's shower...

I love having my favorite flower around the house!!

First of all, let's talk about how tomorrow is the first day of April. How did that happen? I mean, seriously.... I feel like yesterday was New Years Eve but somehow we have zipped on through the first three months of the year. I'm hoping that the dreaded cold weather is behind us and that time slows down a bit but I know one of those two things is not going to happen. The weather forecast for this week is in the 60's and 70's so you figure that one out. April, here we go. 

I decided to switch things up a little bit since I wasn't crazy about the way my goal listing was going. Instead of listing my goals and checking them off on a photo, I like the idea of writing them out so I can explain them a little bit. I always want this space to evolve and change, so this is just one of the things I want to change with my new design! Speaking of new design.... here's how I did with my goals for the month of March.

1// update this space with a new blog design
I'm happy to say that the new design is beautiful but it is also a little delayed which is why it has not been shared yet. I'd rather be patient and see the final product in all its glory instead of rushing it along.
Patience is a virtue and I know it will be worth it because the designer is amazing!

2// hang the curtains in the living room
I've come to realize that these curtains are trying to kill me. I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I am going to be persistent and try my best to complete them by the end of April so that means this little goal will carry on to next month.

3// start my chronological Bible Study
I'm really enjoying the chronological study and I like that I don't have a strict one year deadline also. It is so interesting to read the bible in order. I'm excited about piecing together all the stories and learning more about His word.

4// celebrate our six month anniversary
I will be sharing a little bit about our half year celebration soon.
Half a year, it still amazes me!

5// learn how to crochet
well, I really tried. Still working on this and trying to make time in our busy schedules so I can sit down and practice the art of crocheting. Going to work on this more on the drive to Charleston this weekend!

It seems that my goal completions have been terrible this month but I'm glad that the two most important goals (one with my Father and the other with my husband) were completed well. That is the most important area of my life for sure. This blog, our living room decorations & my wanna-be hobbies are just the added fun in this life.

1// update this space with a new blog design
2// finally hang the curtains in the living room
3// continue the Total Truth Thursdays link up every week
4// host an Easter lunch at our house
5// move the chicks out to the back yard
6// workout at least three days a week
7// plant flowers in our front yard
8// start taking vitamins daily

What are your goals for April OR
what are you most excited about in the new month?


Cassie said...

Thank you & thanks for the comment!!
Love your blog, definitely a new follower! :)

Cassie said...

Such pretty flowers! And I'm hoping April brings my blog a new design as well!

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