Friday Five

March 14, 2014

Oh my, I swear I woke up every morning this week and thought it was Thursday for some reason?? Except for yesterday of course because I thought it was Friday. I even shared a #tbt photo on Instagram thinking it was Friday... Maybe I'm losing it?!? Seriously, confusing stuff but I’m so happy to say that Thursday was in fact yesterday and today is finally Friday. This weekend is going to be full of happiness thanks the long awaited wedding shower at our house and also some baby nephew lovin' so you can’t imagine how excited I am right now. Some other things that made me happy this week are…….

1// the many trips to Michael’s this week for the last touches on the shower. I may or may not have gone a little crazy on the dollar bin isle since everything was 50% off. Yes, that means I bought these lovely cards for FIFTY CENTS each! That's a six pack of each with envelopes!! Absurd. 

2// using this recipe to make the most delicious blondies for my Community Group on Tuesday night was a gooooood idea. I did make a couple tweaks and I plan on sharing the full details pretty soon!

3// stepping outside of my comfortable blogging box to talk about fashion yesterday was fun! Picture this… self timing my camera to take a photo of myself while the camera is resting on the steps of my stairs. Hilarious, guys! Check out my thoughts on fashion here.

4// lunch date with my sweet friend and sharing a roll of sushi and some pan seared tilapia tacos. Honestly, Takosushi knows exactly what they are doing! A combination of Sushi and Mexican food is the best idea ever in my book! 

5// this sweet man’s long massages for the past two nights have cut my back pain in half. Thanks to my competitive dancing in High School I have two herniated disc in my back so from time to time I can tweak it a certain way and the pain resurfaces for a little while. Now that this handsome guy is my personal massage therapist my back is feeling much better. 
So thankful for him!!
**Also super thankful for the sweet family and friends that have been praying for my back this week!**
one of my favorite photos from our HONEYMOON in Northern California!

Happy Weekend!!! See ya on Monday!


Cassie said...

Thank you!!! I would say I'm 90% back to normal today so I'm feeling much better! :)

Cassie said...

I love those cards! I get all of my Thank You cards and 'M' monogrammed cards from the dollar bin at Michael's!

Cassie said...

how funny! My favorite picture of my husband is him sitting at a table on our honeymoon with green trees in the background - it just reminded me of my hubby :) sorry about your pain :( that's no fun, but doesn't it make it nice to have a life partner by your side to ease the pain :)

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