The Chicks.

March 12, 2014

As mentioned on Monday we have big plans for our yard. They are daunting, hard working kind of plans but I know they will be exciting for us to do together! A big part of those plans are our chickens and I can’t wait to see what the next few months with them will be like. Over the weekend we took them outside for the first time and it was so much fun! 

Their first worm. They weren't too excited...

The setup we have right now for the chicks is in our guest bathroom tub and it has worked really well so far, but they are getting bigger every day and starting to use those little wings. One of them almost flew out of the tub last week so I think it may be time to move them to the garage in a larger area. 

This really is such a fun time in our lives. We are feeling more settled as husband and wife now that the busy holiday season has passed and I can’t wait to see all the exciting adventures we will experience in this first year of marriage. This spring and summer will be exciting & thankfully, the chicks are definitely a part of that adventure!!


Cassie said...

Same here!!! I grew up with a pet chicken at my grandparents house that didn't really do anything but swing with me and ride in my wagon! Haha, I'm glad these will be a little more beneficial!

Cassie said...

this just brought back so many memories of me being little and being at my grandma's house when she had chicks! so cute!!

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