A Bonfire Under the Apple Tree.

March 3, 2014

I remember when we went to see our now home for the first time, we walked around the first floor with the previous owner and when we stood in the kitchen and looked out in the back yard we could hardly wait to venture out and look around. I remember walking back to the far right corner and seeing the bonfire beside the apple tree. I instantly had ideas fill my head of hot chocolate sipping and marshmallow toasting and thankfully on Friday night we finally made it happen. It was the perfect weather for a bonfire, a little chilly but cozy and warm by the fire. I'm so happy we had a chance to make our first bonfire happen and I know we will have many more. 

& that is the apple tree back behind us!

Peter explaining the constellations to the gals.

It was such a wonderful night and I'm so happy you all could come!

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